This month in worship, we will be talking about trust. Specifically, trust as a spiritual and religious concept. Something that is essential to faith development and community building.
We all need to trust something outside ourselves. Early human recognitions of this truth led to a plethora of divine forces and mythical stories, all of which have given billions of humans comfort and hope. 
Both our instincts, as humans, and our cultural patterns, as Unitarian Universalists, tempt us to believe we can do this thing called life on our own. Hyper-individualism is a dangerous path. It leads us out of relationship with one another, with all of life, and with our earth. The divided state of our country and our changing climate, are both disastrous outcomes of hyper-individualism. 
I feel that we Unitarian Universalists rest too much on individual freedom and pursuit, at the expense of a close understanding of what bind us together. I yearn for a revitalization of our collective Unitarian Universalist theology. I believe we must co-create a theology that we can place our trust in. A theology that we trust, in that we will not abandon it, but instead lean into it, when times get hard and our trust is tried.
This theological revitalization must start with what we already trust. In what do you place your trust? What in your life will never let you go? What allows you to fall, and trust your heaviness? In what can we – as Unitarian Universalists – place our common trust? 
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