Where in the World is Rev. Bethany?
On a well deserved vacation and study break. She will return to the pulpit on August 5th.
In the meantime we have an opportunity to enjoy a varied Worship Schedule speakers for July with unique perspectives and interesting topics. See you at Church!
  • July 7  Benjie Messer, Music Director, UU Church of Phoenix, Worship Associate Brian Moon "Why We Build the Wall." Intense and musical, examines contemporary racism.
  • July 14  Pam Powers Hannley, member AZ House of Representatives, and UUCT. Worship Associate, Celeste Rogers. "A public health model for social justice."
  • July 21  Diane Everhart, Co-director, Inn2America project. Worship Associate, Steve Kraynak "Justicia para todos!" (Inn2America works with asylum seekers.)
  • July 28  Rabbi Helen Cohn, Congregation M'Kor Hayim, Tucson.  Worship Associate Gary Luce. "In What Do You Trust?"
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