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Sacred Desert Sanctuary - TEXnewMEX TUUR

For thousands of years, people have trekked to these rock hills in far west Texas. In earlier times, they came for the rainwater pooled in natural rock basins, or “huecos”.  “Tanks” probably derived from the Spanish word for water storage places- “tanques”. There are no armored vehicles here, in spite of the proximity to Ft. Bliss.

Outlaws hid here, knowing that they could find water and that the law seldom came this far from civilization. Later the Butterfield Stage line had a stopping point at Hueco Tanks.

At this remote spot, you can hike, rock climb, bird watch, study nature and history, picnic and stargaze. We expect to be taking individual self-guided tours to view rock imagery, and if we are lucky, some wildlife.

We can stop by the interpretive center, in a historic ranch house, to learn about the park and its history. The park store at headquarters sells gifts and other items. This is now a Texas State Park.

I was first made aware of this interesting place when my mother told me her Girl Scout troop had visited from Fort Bliss, where my grandfather was stationed. In 2004, I searched in trepidation that I would find graffiti with her name. To my relief, there was none! Nevertheless, there is plenty of prehistoric graffiti to witness! Visitors today marvel at the imagery left by the ancient people.



Sharing a double room the price for the tour is $1625 each. Participants must be fully vaccinated for the health and safety of all. Contact Julia Mehrer for Registration and any questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The full itinerary follows:


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