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Unitarian Universalist Church of Tucson

Mar 25: Faith Development Newsletter



Baja 4

Unitarian Universalists from across Southeast Arizona

Stronger Together 

We are the Baja 4!

Representing Unitarian Universalists across southeastern Arizona, we love beyond belief and find inspiration from a wide array of spiritual, religious, and secular sources. We come together as a Baja 4 because we know we are stronger together.


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Coming Events

What's Happening This Month?


Game Day IRL (In Real Life)

March 26 | 9:30-11:30am | UUCT (4831 E. 22nd Ave)




It’s the event you’ve been waiting for! Bring your favorite table-top games and the whole family! We’ll set up as many games as we like and when the kids get tired of playing, they can run off to the playground where our dedicated nursery staff will keep an eye on them. We still cannot share food on campus, but if you family would like to bring a lunch, there is lots of room to wander away for a picnic. 

Laughter Yoga.jpg

Laughter Yoga

Will be taking a break for the rest of March, but will return in April. Check here for dates and times!


Death and the Arts Small Group Ministry with Rev. Karla 

Email Karla (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if interested, and she will include you in a Doodle poll to determine day and time; meetings will be twice a month on Zoom


This is an open circle (drop in) small group Ministry for the Baja 4 considering death, mortality, and loss through the arts. Each session will include worship, contemplation, and sharing around a different piece of visual art, music, literature, or film. Rev. Karla will welcome you on Zoom twice a month. 


Zoom Link: https://zoom.us/j/98044280689 

Meeting ID: 980 4428 0689

Password: 973902



Service Project with MVUU's Partner School

March 25 | 8:00am | Laguna Elementary

March 26 | 8:00am | Laguna Elementary


For over a year, our MVUU School Partnerships justice team has been at Laguna Elementary and Hendricks Elementary schools. We have continued to support them through the purchase of 125 backpacks, clothes, and school supplies.


We now have a new opportunity to assist one of the schools, Laguna, in a Campus Beautification Project during the month of March. We have committed $2,000 towards the purchase of trees and the rental of a Bobcat to plant them. Now, we are issuing a call to you, our members and friends, to volunteer time and physical labor to this endeavor. 


On Saturday, March 26, we hope to have many of you assist by donating a few hours of your time. Together, along with others from the Flowing Wells community, we will be beautifying and tending the Laguna campus. For more information, check out https://myemail.constantcontact.com/03-11-2022-Stewardship-Sunday.html?soid=1132444428103&aid=iUg-ZuDC_F8 


Join the MVUU Team at Laguna!

Sign Up to Volunteer for March 26th Here

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The Balancing Act: Online Worship with The Sanctuary Boston

March 30 | 3:30pm MST | Zoom


Sanctuary Boston: The Balancing Act

Hi everyone! I would be overjoyed if you could pass on this special invite to any youth, bridgers, and emerging adults you know:

This The Sanctuary Boston service is especially exciting because it has been entirely planned and coordinated by young adults, many of them in their first or second year as an emerging adult. All are welcome, especially youth who are bridging this spring. Wherever their paths take them, whether it is to Boston or literally anywhere else in the world, we want them to know that they will always have a home at Sanctuary.



The Balancing Act

Balanced: adjective, "being in harmonious or proper arrangement."

Joy vs justice.

Plans vs. demands.

Interest vs. obligation.

Join us for the first gathering in a three part series exploring balance as a work in progress and a search for peace in the eye of the storm.

The Sanctuary Boston is a progressive spiritual community of vibrant worship and real connection.

Our worship gatherings are full of music of different styles, led by our Sanctuary Boston band. At each gathering a community member offers a message of spiritual journeying, and we reflect on what it means to live lives of justice, equity, and compassion.


**Coordinated and led by our campus ministry group**


We Heal

The theme this month is healing. We try to heal our feelings after a fight or disagreement with someone. Sometimes it feels easier to turn away from the feelings. We have to work at healing. So what does our faith tell us? It tells us, “Don’t run away from the hard work of healing!” What helps us heal? Gratitude is one thing. Listening to others before we try to help them helps us heal our selves and others. Finally, we commit to heal the wounds of our nation, states, and cities. And, we rest when our bodies need time to.

Tabytha age 12.jpg

Chalice Lighting to Share

Flaming Chalice

by Pamela Baxter


Flaming Chalice burning bright,

Kindly share with us your light.

Help us learn how we may care

For people, everywhere.


Find more chalice lightings here.

Listening trees.jpg

Word Roots & Definitions: Heal


From the Old English word ‘hale,’ meaning ‘wholeness, being whole, sound or well.’ 


In English, the words heal and whole have a common origin (stemming from Proto-Germanic *hailaz), along with the verb hail "greet". The Croatian adjective cio (cijeli in its definite form) "whole" is the root of iscijeliti "to heal" (also the dated cjelovati "to kiss", from cjelov "kiss", which comes from the belief that kissing has healing properties). source


Let Lectio Divina Lead You to Healing


This exercise invites you to try out a deep listening technique developed by our Christian siblings. It’s called Lectio Divina. Learn more about it here and here. The basic idea is to deeply listen to a text by reading it multiple times through a different reflective lens each time. You can also think of it as bringing different discernment questions to the text, with each question inviting you to listen to the text in a new way. Our favorite three questions are:

  • What FEELINGS arise?
  • What MEMORIES does it stir?
  • What MESSAGE does it have for you personally? (“words of comfort or challenge”)


Here are three “healing texts” to choose from:



Find the one that calls to you the most, then read it three times. With the first reading guided by the question: What FEELINGS arise as I listen to the words?” And the second reading guided by “What MEMORIES does it stir?” Ending with a third reading guided by “What MESSAGE does this have for me? What word of comfort or challenge is it trying to offer me?” (On this third reading it often helps to listen for which single word or phrase pops out at you, and then apply the question to that word/phrase.) 

Looking for More? 


If you're curious about what else is happening in Lifespan Faith Formation, check out: https://dreuuct.wixsite.com/uuquest


PS. Have you joined the Parenting Club group on Facebook? Everyone in the Baja 4 is welcome!

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