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Dec 3: Faith Development Newsletter


Baja 4: 

Stronger Together

Unitarian Universalists from across Southeast Arizona

Representing Unitarian Universalists across southeastern Arizona, we love beyond belief and find inspiration from a wide array of spiritual, religious, and secular sources. We come together as a Baja 4 because we know we are stronger together.

Celebrations and Special Days

It's always fun to celebrate and at the same time learn about cultures around the world. Here are a few things happening this month.
National & Cultural:
For Fun and On the Fringe:
  • Nobel Prize Day - Dec 10
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas shown for first time - Dec 18, 1966 
  • Festivus for the rest of us – Dec 23 
  • Copyright registration of Star Trek theme song - Dec 27, 1966. Fun Fact: Star Trek is credited with the first interracial kiss on prime-time television in the US and the first African American actor in a main character on prime time
We Are Becoming
When we think about becoming, we often think first of growing, of becoming more and more. But becoming isn’t always about expanding and adding alone. Much of the time it requires a letting go before we can let in.  
Who are we meant to become? What unique gifts can we share with the world? That is for us to find out for our whole lives. Growing into what special and unique about us isn’t always easy. Society is constantly pressuring us to become something we’re not. So, what’s one of the ways our faith guides us to being a people of Becoming? It tells us, “Resist what others want you to be and become your true and unique self!” 
Let's explore!
Chalice Lighting 
Why We're Here
By Erik Walker Wikstrom
Here, today, in this place and with these people,
May we listen so that we can hear;
May we hear so that we can feel;
May we feel so that we can know; and
May we know so that we can change ourselves and this world.
May this chalice we light,
Light our Way.
Find more chalice lightings here.
Chalica is a week-long celebration of our Unitarian Universalist Principles. The holiday first emerged in 2005 out of a wish to have a holiday organized around Unitarian Universalist values.
Chalica begins on the first Monday in December and lasts seven days. Each day, a chalice is lit and the day is spent reflecting on the meaning of that day’s principle and doing a good deed that honors that principle. Not all Unitarian Universalists celebrate Chalica, but it has a growing following. There is a Chalica Facebook pageblog, and many Chalica-themed videos on YouTube.
The Twelve Gifts of Birth 
by Charlene Costanzo
“... there is more to the secret that the wise women knew. Use your gifts well and you will discover others, among them a gift that is uniquely you. See these noble gifts in other people…” from the story
Reflection Questions:
  • Which gift do you like the most?
  • Which gift is hardest for you? Easiest? 
  • What is the special gift that you have that is uniquely YOU? 
Creative Visualization: Your Gift
Let’s now get into our meditation positions.
Sit comfortably in your chair or on the floor. 
Put your hands on your lap or on your knees.
Sit up nice and tall.
Focus your eyes in front of you or close them.
Find your breath moving in your body by taking in one breath through your nose and then slowly breathing it out through your mouth.
Creative Visualization: Your Gift
Imagine that you are walking down a path. There are trees on either side. You hear little animals rustling in the leaves.
You look down the path and see a house. You walk up and gently knock on the door.
The door opens and a wise person smiles at you. The wise person beckons you in.
Breathing in, breathing out. You are at peace. 
There is a box.
You rest your hands on the box. 
The box is your gift.
You slowly open the box. What is inside?
What does it look like? [PAUSE and let the children answer]
Now put it away.
Stand up and stretch.
Continue on the path for a little ways, then start to return to us here and now.
Remember your gift as you open your eyes.
May you carry the memory of your gift with you always.
Digging Deeper
We always have a lot more resources to share than we can put in this newsletter! Here are some additional activities to explore. This month, investigate the theme of Becoming through:
PS. Have you joined the Parenting Club group on Facebook? Everyone in the Baja 4 is welcome!

Coming Events

What's Happening This Month?

Death with Dignity
with Gary Wederspahn, Rev. Dr. Samantha Wilson, Rev. Tina Squire, and Jamili Omar
Dec 4 | 2 to 4PM | Zoom
**Content Warning** This series will examine frankly and directly death and end of life choices. Please consider the appropriateness of this event for younger people. 
We kick off our series with a special guest speaker: Gary Wederspahn is a board member of Final Exit Network, a successor to Hemlock Society, the original death-with-dignity organization. Gary is a former lay leader at Columbine UU Church. He will explore ethical and practical considerations regarding the right to have a “Good Death” on our own terms when facing the end. There will be much opportunity for discussion, questions, and answers.
Meeting ID: 987 1701 3906
Passcode: one isn’t needed for this meeting.
2nd Hour
December 5, 2021 | 12:15-1:15pm | Zoom
Please join us for 2nd Hour: a once -per -month afternoon of a variety of educational, spiritual, interesting, and fun workshops. The final date for 2021 is December 5, 2021
See the UU Quest websitefor links and descriptions!
  • Working Through Climate Anxiety: Cultivating Hope with Hanna Coy
  • No-Sew Blankets and Craft Time with Jamili Omar
**Seeking 2nd Hour Workshop Leaders**
Right now I’m building a schedule of workshops for 2nd Hour and would love to include you in the line up. What do you have to share with the world? Bring me an idea and we’ll work together to develop it! No need to worry about technical support. I’ll have assistants available to manage the Zoom, so you can simply lead.
If you have any questions or want to lead a workshop, please contact Jamili at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Parenting of Preschoolers (POPS)
Join on Zoom others with children ages birth to 6 years old to offer support as we come to understand our child's spiritual development, to build rituals that support this development, and to see ourselves as spiritual teachers. Zoom link will be sent out to all that are registered for the classes. Not registered? Please fill out this form and we will add you to the emailing list. Thank you!
Dec. 4, 1-2pm --Children's Story Time --Designed for children ages birth to 6+, but everyone is welcome. We will participate in storytelling, crafts, spiritual reflection and much more. We hope that you will join us. 
Dec. 11, 1-2pm --Grown Up meet up --Designed for those adults raising children who are ages birth to 6, but everyone is welcome. This is an amazing group of parents that come together once a month to talk about topics relevant to our daily lives. We offer support, words of wisdom, and connect to those around us. We hope that you join and share with us.
HeartSpace: an Evening Worship
Dec. 9 | 6:15pm | Zoom
Evening Worship returns! In this dynamic, all-ages worship, we will experiment and play with different ways to be in a reverent community together. While we are still online, we’ll listen to music, listen to words, explore, and experiment. There will be creative, hands-on time and time for reflection, laughter, and joy. Please join us!
The room opens at 6:15pm for some social time and a heart-felt worship to follow at 6:30pm.
For questions email Jamili Omar at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Meeting ID: 571 636 4277
Password: 973902

Looking For More?

If you're curious about what else is happening in Lifespan Faith Formation, check out: https://dreuuct.wixsite.com/uuquest

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