Religious Education

Evacuation Procedures

Updated August 11, 2018

In the event of a fire (or fire drill)….

  1. DRE sounds the fire alarm (from Blackwell room) and calls 911 to alert the fire department.
  1. Lead Teacher calmly leads their class out the appropriate door.
  2. Assistant Teacher takes the class notebook with them.
  3. Nursery staff will take nursery notebook with them. Staff will use whatever equipment needed to get the children to safety.
  1. Classes proceed along their designated routes to the unpaved parking lot (see map).
  1. At the unpaved parking lot teachers take attendance to make sure their class has safely and completely evacuated.
  1. The Lead Teacher of the YRUU class will check with the lead teacher from all other classes to be sure all children/youth are accounted for. If any children/youth are missing, immediately notify the DRE by phone: 281.755.3328 (call or text).
  1. Teachers/advisors wait with their classes/groups in the unpaved parking area.
    1. In the case of a real emergency, parents would meet their children in this spot.
    2. Teachers note on the attendance sheet when children/youth are picked up by their parents or a designated adult (noted in their class notebooks).
  1. DRE does a check of all RE spaces to ensure a complete evacuation, and notifies the fire personnel, the office administrator (if on site), and the RE Board Portfolio Holder (if on site).
  1. ALL CLEAR: DRE gives the “All Clear” and children and youth return with their teachers / advisors to their group rooms, along the same paths they used for evacuation.
  1. EMERENCY: Once the emergency is “under control” (that is emergency personnel on site, rooms evacuated, etc), the DRE will contact the RE Board Portfolio Holder and Board President.

Communication of Evacuation Procedures.

These procedures will be

  • Reviewed by the Board in August yearly.
  • Kept in ALL class notebooks.
  • Communicated to parents annually by the DRE.