Holy Mischief: What Unitarian Universalists Can Learn from Purim and Holi?

Sunday Worship, Video Online, recorded in the Holland Sanctuary.

Sunday Worship, March 5, 2023, 10:30 a.m.

Video Online — recorded in the Holland Sanctuary.

Holy Mischief: What Unitarian Universalists Can Learn from Purim and Holi?

Worship Lead: Rev. Bethany Russell-Lowe

Worship Associate: Helen O’Brien

Worship Leaders: Brian Moon, Jamili Omar, and Hangyu Bai


If you have a joy, sorrow, etc. that you would like to share this morning, you can submit that here before or during worship: https://www.menti.com/al47jhh8jtkh. Or go to menti.com and put in the code 5318 5484.


Our Order of Service:

Element Worship Leader

Welcome Rev. Bethany Russell-Lowe

Prelude Anthem Desert Chorale

Call to Worship Rev. Bethany Russell-Lowe & percussionists

Chalice Lighting Helen O’Brien

Hymn #311 Brian Moon 

Story video

Joys and Sorrows Helen O’Brien

Prayer Jamili Omar

Testimonial Natasha Warner

Offertory Hangyu Bai

Reading Helen O’Brien

Sermon Rev. Bethany Russell-Lowe

Hymn #1074 Brian Moon 

Chalice Extinguishing Helen O’Brien

Postlude Hangyu Bai



Prelude Anthem “Look to this Day” by Clif Hardin

Call to Worship by Rev. Gretchen Haley

Chalice Lighting by Rev. Carl Seaburg 

Hymn #311 “Let It Be a Dance” by Ric Masten, #311 in Singing the Living Tradition 

StoryThe Purim Story in 4 Minutes: Go Esther!” by BimBam

Prayer “Body Prayer, Version One” by Annie Scott

Offertory Sadness and Sorrow by Toshiro Masuda

Reading “The Classroom of the Gods” by Rev. Bob Janis Dillon

Sermon SketchesVashti” by Rev. Quinn Caldwell, stillspeaking Daily Devotional, October 20, 2020

Hymn #1074 “Turn the World Around” by Harry Belafonte and Robert Freedman, #1074 in Singing the Journey 

Chalice Extinguishing “Blessed by Our Connections” by Rev. Susan Karlson

Postlude Dreamland by Alexis French