Publications are handled by the Publlicity team.  This includes the Tucsonitarian newsletter, the UUCT website and Facebook, the all-church email, and the Order of Service.  Send email to  Note that often announcements are appropriate for multiple outlets so the annoucement email is typically the best place to submit.  For longer newsletter articles submit them to


A monthly on-line newsletter designed to keep the congregation aware of church events and church life. Deadlines for copy are the 24th day of each month with publication on first week of the following month (for example, January 24th is the deadline for the February newsletter, which will be printed the first week of February).  Submit your stories in Microsoft Word form (doc or docx) to You can also send shorter articles and announcements as text in your emails. Please include photos (jpegs) if at all possible.

Email Guidelines

The all-church email is sent every Wednesday. The primary purpose of the email is for church staff to remind the congregation of upcoming services and church-related events.

Email announcements are:

  • Brief (no more than 50 words)
  • Time sensitive (event occurring within one week)
  • Reminders (not the first time info has been shared about upcoming events)
  • Send to

The publishers reserves the right to establish priorities during a busy news week.

Order of Service Announcement Guidelines

The Sunday announcements will be printed on the back of the Order of Service and projected on the screen before the service. The primary purpose of the announcements is to inform the congregation of church news and upcoming church-related events.

  • Due by 9:00 a.m. Thursday for that Sunday’s service
  • Brief (Who, What, When, Where, and a Contact person)
  • No more than 50 words
  • Upcoming events (happening in the next 2 weeks) OR “Save the Date”
  • Can be repeated a maximum of two times
  • Send to


Designed to give information about the church and its’ mission and to assist members with ongoing church information and newsletters.

Information needs to be sent to for input onto the website or for things designated for multiple outlets.  Please include an expiration date (when it can be removed from the web site) in the email. An indication that it never expires is ok. Best formats are text (such as in an email), MS Word, and PDF. Please be aware that graphics and formatting may change.

Facebook: Unitarian Universalist Church-Tucson

Submit through  Submissions are shorter announcements and potential links of interest.  The Facebook administrators have final say over whether to post.


  • Use or rather than individuals
  • Please put for which publication(s) in the Subject line of the email
  • Must be in by the deadline date if there is one
  • Flyers/inserts can be added to only for the website
  • Please communicate with your group/committee and select one member to be responsible for your submissions
  • Please eliminate repeated information
  • Emails are greatly encouraged but if that is not possible, please write legibly on paper with your contact info and leave in the Office Manager’s mailbox
  • If you resubmit the same topic for subsequent newsletters, please change the wording. Focus on a different aspect of your story. Variety encourages people to read the Tucsonitarian.