VIII. Nursery Policies

A. General Policies

  1. Times:
    • One Service – The nursery will be open from ½ hour before service until 45 minutes after service, unless requested otherwise.  All children must be picked up by 45 minutes after the end of service.
    • Two Services – The Nursery will be open from 15 minutes before the first service until 45 minutes after the second service.
  2. The RE Coordinator shall set age appropriate guidelines for use of the nursery during services and all other church events.
  3. All parents using the nursery will receive a copy of the nursery policies.
  4. Nursery staff will wear name tags at all times so that they are easily identifiable.

B. Safety and Security Measures

  1. Parents will be responsible for signing in and signing out their child at the nursery, as well as having current emergency information on file.
  2. The RE Coordinator will be in contact with nursery staff at all times through use of a cell phone.
  3. The outside doors to the children’s bathrooms in Thoreau Building will be propped open when in use.
  4. Safe Sitters must be able to focus on children in their care so should not have friends present while on duty.

C. Ratios

  1. There will be a minimum of two trained people in the nursery when children are present.  There will be at least one adult, and a Safe Sitter can be the 2nd and/or 3rd trained person.
  2. There will be a strictly maintained ratio of one adult to six children (ages one to three) or one adult to four babies (ages zero to 12 months).  The ratio in the nursery will be determined by the age of the youngest child present.  For example: when a baby (0-12 months) is dropped off, an additional adult will be required when the fifth child arrives.
  3. If the number of children in the nursery exceeds six (or four, if a baby is present) the RE Coordinator or other provider will be called to assist in the nursery until the ratio is within guidelines.

D. Staffing

  1. A sign will be posted near the door to Barnum Room which lists the names and titles (i.e. Nursery Supervisor, Nursery Assistant, Parent Volunteer) of the people who are working in the nursery that day.
  2. If the Nursery Supervisor is absent, the RE Coordinator will appoint a responsible adult to fill the supervisory position for the day.
  3. The RE Coordinator, Nursery Supervisor, and the Nursery Assistant shall receive training in the following areas:
    1. Infant/Child CPR and First Aid – including the use of gloves and how to safely handle blood and body fluids
    2. Classroom management and discipline techniques and other childcare enrichment training as available.
  4. Safe Sitters receive training under the nationally recognized and accredited Safe Sitter course. They also receive CPR training every two years.