Child Dedication Ceremonies

Many Unitarian Universalist congregations have child dedication ceremonies for infants and children. Depending on the congregation, these can be custom-made for individual children or conducted for groups of children. Learn More.

Coming of Age Ceremonies

Unitarian Universalist congregations may hold a special Coming of Age ceremony after their youth complete a year-long period of learning and exploration. The most common ages for Coming of Age programs are 13-15. These ceremonies can include the following elements:

  • Youth reading statements of their personal values and beliefs
  • A time for reflections from parents, youth advisors, mentors, ministers, or religious educators
  • The presentation of small gifts to the youth, acknowledging their passage from childhood to middle adolescence.

Bridging Ceremonies

Congregations that have high school-aged youth, seniors or 17-18 year-olds, may conduct a bridging ceremony to mark their transition to adulthood. These ceremonies can include the following elements:

  • Workshops or meetings for youth to prepare them for bridging
  • Gifts given in the ceremony to the bridging youth
  • A time for reflections from the youth, their family, youth advisors, ministers, or religious educators