Building a beloved community within our church is important at UUCT.

  • The bedrock is fellowship time on Sunday facilitated by our Kitchen Ministry.
  • The Desert Chorale provides an artistic and social outlet.
  • For new members there are orientations and gatherings that seek to introduce ourselves to each other.
  • A key source of connection is involvement in groups and programs that serve to maintain our community and teach our children.
  • UU churches are self-governed led by a Board of Trustees.
  • Affinity groups — such as a men’s group, quilters, small group ministries, book clubs — provide connections based on like interests.
  • Periodic all church events provide fun, shared activities, and governance meetings.

Many at UUCT find fullfillment in social service and action by living into our 2nd Principle — justice, equity and compassion in human relations — through involvement in

  • our Social Action Council,
  • the state-wide UUJAZ network,
  • programs such as “Share the Plate”
  • and supporting organizations such as Cafe Justo and Casa Maria.

Serving UUCT is a rewarding and important part of our shared experience.  You can join a committee or team or work on events.  There are many opportunities beyond those listed here as  soliciting volunteers.  If you have an interest and want to ask where you might volunteer send email to  Or you can fill out either of these forms below

RE Teachers

Jimmy CarterThis is Jimmy.
Jimmy is 95 year old.
Jimmy plans to teach his Sunday school class this weekend, less than two weeks after breaking his pelvis in a fall.

Be like Jimmy and teach Religious Education.*
*Broken hip optional. Past presidency of the United States not required. Contact Jamili at

Greeters and Ushers

We need a few people to join our team of Greeters and Ushers. Please email me at:, or see me at church to find out more about this easy way to serve the church. ~ CarolynValdes

Substitute Custodian

We are looking for a substitute custodian when our wonderful full time custodian, Jesus Carrillo, is off. This is a paid position that is only for about 8 Sundays out of the year, and an occasional weekday. If you are interested, please contact Mary Wiese, our Congregational Administrator:

Ride Coordinator

Care Team Seeks a Rides Coordinator

Recently, staff and members have heard an uptick in the number of people asking for rides to church on Sunday morning. There are many reasons why someone need a ride to church: they don’t have access to reliable transportation on Sunday mornings, they have chosen to stop driving, and more. The Care Team is looking for a volunteer or two who might be willing to create and monitor a rides program so that those who need a ride to church can be matched with people who live in their neighborhood who can give them a ride to church. Rev. Bethany is happy to help you think about how this might work if you have the skills, but haven’t done this before. Contact her if you are interested! Email:

Kitchen Ministry

Our Kitchen Ministry Needs Help!

Sign up to join kitchen ministry on the polka dot bulletin board by the kitchen. This week will be an amazing enhanced coffee hour with protein heavy & healthy snacks like cheese, deviled eggs, celery with cream cheese/peanut butter, hummus and more. Please remember we need enhanced donations to keep this going forward and still need kitchen volunteers.

Kitchen crew will now be serving lunch only on 2nd Sundays due to lack of volunteers.

Landscape Team

The weather is cooler and the landscaping team is in action again. Please join us. We are looking for a few folks to volunteer to care for specific areas of the campus. The work would involve raking, hula hoeing and weeding your assigned area. In addition, we need a couple people to water our drought thirsty trees in the parking lot. You would work on your own schedule with tools provided by the church. Contact Barb Ricca at if you have 1-2 hours per week to volunteer.

Projection Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are needed to run the screen projections and videos for Sunday morning services once or twice a month and for other special events as available. We’ll provide training. If you are interested, email Larry Newhouse at gogopopop-1@hotmail.comor see him or Cynthia Johnson, on Sunday morning before or after the service.

Hospitality Team

Like to bake, set pretty tables or help organize workers? We need to develop a hospitality team to be ready to go when needed for memorial services, UU district and Baja 4 events or whatever else may come up. If you want to be involved in any way, contact or 520-784-1198.