There are many committees, teams, and groups at UUCT.  Some are long term and some are ad hoc as needed.  These are generally volunteer groups with either a chair person/leader or a contact person.  Below is a snapshot of the groups identified by the Board as the leaders or contacts.  Note that listing a contact person does not  mean we don’t acknowledge the valuable role played by all the members of the groups, some of which actually have multiple leaders in various roles.

Information and articles for the groups may appear below as they are submitted.

Org Chart 2023 – online version

This “orgchart” identifies people with various roles and activities at UUCT. The roles may be as leaders (called, elected, or appointed), staff, or contacts for committees, teams, and groups. Portfolios structure groups and activities under a Board liaison who supports, represents, and reports on them. Portfolios may be restructured occassionally and some functions span portfolios. There are different organizational structures for groups from a traditional committee with a chair to loose teams who take turns in various functions; e.g. working in the kitchen or running A/V equipment. A contact is indicated in parenthesis and is someone who is not necessarily the leader but is involved in the activity. This is not a list of volunteers since there are many more people involved than just leaders or contacts.