8th Principle Report: Feb 17, 2022

Eighth principle report to the board

The total of three volunteers had a very enthusiastic first zoom meeting. We brainstormed ideas and planned our next step of contacting other congregations which have also adopted the Eighth Principle. So far we have reached several resources. We have invited a few more people to join us with the addition of only one so far.

Carolyn Valdes


Harvest the Power 2022 facilitator review


Ideas/Take- aways from this year’s program:

·         Explain before beginning that the curriculum is designed to foster spiritual growth through a practice of leadership in a UU setting.  This is not a management class for how to deal with things like “employees with Narcissistic Personality Disorder.”

·         Shorten the classes.  Shorten the exercises.

·         If meeting on zoom

o   Have an hour of curriculum followed by 30 minutes of “so what leadership issues are you experiencing right now” leadership support and networking guided discussion.

o   Invite the Baja 4.  Mix and match breakout groups  (put the churches together, put board members together, put social justice or worship people together)

o   Have the classes every other week rather than once a month (its too difficult to remember resources from month “one” at month “six”)

·         Put digital “take home” resources on a stable website to keep together

·         Have it as a Saturday workshop… 6 hours, 1 or 2 days.

·         Restructure content