How to Give to the Church

Ways to donate to UUCT…

  • Donate to our short-term Faithify Campaign
    • to support the second year of work on our “Restorative Congregations Process”!
  • Online Giving = use our credit card service…
  • Text-to-Give = the very easy to use Text-to-Give (1-833-361-5796),
  • or send your checks to the office.
    • use the memo line to identify the type of your contribution.

Our Annual Pledge Campaigns for UUCT…

See our webpage for “UUCT’s Annual Pledge Campaign“.

Donate via “Share the Plate”…

Share the Plate is an ongoing social justice activity of this church.

  • Once a month, we share half of all non-pledge income — in the offertory basket — with a local nonprofit (whose mission puts into action one or more of our Principles).
  • Since its implementation, Share the Plate has increased our awareness of local efforts to improve our community — and how we might help.
  • As the name implies, Share the Plate is always split 50-50 between the local charity and our own church.