Pledge Testimonials 2021

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Historical Children’s Religious Education

Religious Growth and Learning Yearbook ’86-’87 (Warning: This is a large 167 MB PDF)


Social Action:  Faith Floods the Desert – supporting Scott Warren and No More Deaths (a ministry of UUCT)

The UUCT Annual Auction Feb 16, 2019.  The theme was Fiesta de los Vaqueros / Tucson Rodeo.   Produced by Sandy Ongley.

2019 ©Sandy Ongley

The slideshow starts with Goddard Sanctuary followed by the building expansion of the Thoreau R.E. Wing and ends with the delivery of the beam for Holland Sanctuary.

Slideshow ©UUCT

Produced by Craig McComb, 2011 ©UUCT

Produced by Samantha Meyer, 2016 ©UUCT