…per Pastor Jamili Omar (on June 18, 2023)…

The below text is at 38:45 of Jamili’s sermon on “Stuck: Creativity and Change”

I want to ask you…

  • If you could dream the world into being…
    • what would you dream?
    • what would you imagine for us?
    • for our world?

Dreams are important.

  • Dreams help us envision what is next.
  • Without dreams
    • we cannot move forward.

Every change, every adaptation, every development we’ve ever gone through

  • is because
    • someone first dreamed it
    • Somebody imagined it
      • They thought this can be done a different way.

Last week, Bo so expertly talked to us — about imagination and creativity in making art.

And, I want to say

  • that same process he talked about
    • also applies
      • to making a more just and peaceful world.
        • Right?

He said

  • “We need to have
    • the desire,
      • the intention,
        • and the will
          • to be creative.”
  • “We need to have
    • thinking about it,
      • imagining it,
        • dreaming it.”
  • “And, then
    • we need to take action.”
  • He actually said to us…
    • “Put your body in the place
      • where you can make that thing happen.”

Sounds like social justice, to me — making a just world.

And, I think…

  • our repeated invocation of the term “Beloved Community”
    • is one of the ways
      • that we UUs try to bring this imagination together.

“The Beloved Community” — in my understanding — is another metaphor…

  • for a world where justice is
    • in all human relations
    • in relations with each other
    • in relations with the non-humans we share the planet with
    • and with our own selves.

“Beloved Community”