(“Tips for UUCT’s Google Calendar”, below — and best web browsers )
Dynamic display — with active links for titles, buttons, etc — or, a bigger display?
(for more info on any event, contact Office) — and see our COVID Policy, too )

Tips for UUCT’s Google Calendar…

4 ways to see events via UUCT’s Google Calendar

  • for big view = UUCT’s Google Calendar  (opens in new browser tab/window — for full-screen mode)
  • for smaller view = use this calendar, above — to click on various events and buttons.
  • expert] to add individual events – to show within your own personal Google Calendars
    • click on desired event — then click on link: “Copy/Add to my Google Calendar”
  • expert] to add entire “UUCT’s Google Calendar” into your personal Google Calendars (as a new “Other Calendar”)
    • this only works if you have a Google Account (ie, Gmail or organizational
    • just click on the “+ Google Calendar” button — which appears at the bottom right corner of the UUCT Calendar
    • this will show all UUCT events, in your stack of personal Google Calendars (fyi = you can toggle on/off the display of UUCT Calendar)

3 ways to show events — via tabs in upper-right corner of calendar  (for more details of events — click titles of events)

  • “Week”
    • best way — to see detailed overview of weekly UUCT events  (with start/stop times, and longer titles
    • weeks start with Monday — end with Sunday
    • “All-Day Events” shown in top header — with no start/end times
  • “Month”
    • best way — to see many weeks together
    • weeks start with Monday — end with Sunday
    • “All-Day Events” show with solid background color– with no start times
    • Does not show duration of events — or over-lapping of events
  • “Agenda”
    • best way — for a simple list of all events, with full titles (skips days with no events) — never-ending scrolling
  • more?