UUCT’s COVID Regathering Policies (approved by BOT 4/30/2022)

In this time of pandemic, we consider masking, social distancing, and getting vaccinated to be our covenantal agreements with one another. The following basic policies will apply to all events at UUCT until further notice.

  • Masks are required indoors, and optional outdoors, for all people ages 5+. People ages 2-5 are invited to practice masking while at UUCT.
  • Social distancing is not required. Keep distance between yourself and another person until you have explicit permission to do otherwise. If you need more space, ask for it. If someone asks for more space, show respect by giving them more distance. Social distancing of 6 feet between households is required in Goddard between 10 and 11:30 on Sunday mornings.
  • Congregational singing is permitted indoors at Low. Ensemble singing only indoors at Medium/High. Masking while singing will align with the requirements within this policy.
  • Eating and drinking will be permitted indoors at Low level when it is over 90 degrees. When we are above Low, eating and drinking will only be permitted outdoors. Eating and drinking, except for hydration, is not permitted during worship in Holland or Goddard.
  • Religious education and nursery will be outdoors whenever possible and when it is under 90 degrees, and will be dependent upon volunteer and staff support. Children are welcome to attend worship, the foyer is available for families.
  • Getting vaccinated is part of our covenant with one another. If you attend in-person events at UUCT, we hope you stay in covenant with us by being up to date on your COVID vaccination (including boosters, when available). If you are unwilling to be vaccinated, please join us online only. If you are medically unable to be vaccinated, please set up a time to talk with Rev. Bethany.

Even if these policies allow certain activities (like eating or drinking), groups are encouraged to be clear in their communications about what those events will entail so that people can make educated choices about attending in person events. All groups are encouraged to consider how they could make their events and meetings hybrid to include online attendees.

Once a COVID vaccine has been made available to people 6 months and older for at least two months, the Board will revisit requirements on indoors masking, congregational singing, and eating/drinking.

If we ever get to a High Community Risk Level according to the CDC, the Board will revisit these policies.

Policies for Goddard During Sunday Morning Worship

In an effort to allow more people to come to church physically, we will be holding Goddard as an intentionally lower risk in-person worship space on Sunday mornings from 10 am until the end of worship. During that time…

  • Capacity in Goddard will be limited to 10 households.
  • The sliding doors facing East will be open whenever it is under 90 degrees.
  • There will be no ensemble or congregational singing.
  • Each household will have their own table and there will be at least 6 feet distancing between households.
  • There will be no eating/drinking except hydration.