UUCT’s COVID Regathering Policies (per BOT on 4/21/2023)

Getting vaccinated is part of our covenant with one another.

If you attend in-person events at UUCT…

  • we hope you stay in covenant with us
    • by being up to date on your COVID vaccination
      • (including boosters, when available).

If you are unwilling to be vaccinated — please join us online only.

If you are medically unable to be vaccinated…

  • please set up a time to talk with Rev. Bethany.

After several years of masking during our Worship Service at UUCT,

  • the board has decided to make masking OPTIONAL in Sunday morning worship.
  • This update to our COVID policy will go into effect on May 7, 2023.
  • This delay will give small groups (choir, RE, etc.) two weeks…
    • to make a decision about their agreements
    • around COVID mitigation strategies
      • that they need from one another.

Whether you continue to mask or unmask…

  • please respect the choices and personal spaces of those around you.

We thank you as we travel turbulent seas in all of our different boats.