2024-25 UUCT Stewardship Campaign — Pledge Today!

Unitarian Universalist Church of Tucson

2024-25 Stewardship Campaign




Dearest Congregation, 


We are in the midst of a year of transformation and growth. Last May, we moved out of Holland Sanctuary in anticipation of the construction related to our new HVAC. Well, the HVAC arrived last week! And we will be back in our beloved Holland Sanctuary soon. 


Being displaced from our sanctuary hasn’t held us back! Worshiping in Goddard Hall has allowed us to be creative with how we gather on Sunday mornings; for example, this past fall, we had our first WORKship and packed over 1,000 snack bags for asylum seekers at Casa Alitas. Our Kitchen Ministry offers snacks every week and lunch once a month. And our choir continues to rehearse weekly together on Wednesday evenings with growing attendance (and a particularly rockin’ bass section). 


And we have seen growth in activity and engagement beyond Sunday mornings this year. On any given Thursday you can find us at Panera for Spirited Conversations, on the patio for Soup and Spiritual Practices, or for community office hours at Tucson Coffee Roasters. Our Quilters gather weekly, as they have for many years, and our End-of-Life Study group began monthly meetings this fall. Too many committees to name here, and our staff, continue to do their parts to keep our congregation vibrant and growing. 


We have continued our work with Rev. Samantha Wilson – our Consultant for Restorative Practices. To support this investment, we ran a successful Faithify crowdfunding campaign this fall and raised $5,000 for that work. We also applied for and received a grant for $15,000 from the UU Funding Panel. 


We are hoping to continue all this energy and growth into the next church year. Our theme for the 2024-25 Stewardship Drive is “ALL IN for UUCT: Inspired, Involved, InvestedWe believe that membership at UUCT means being all in with our community. We hope members are consistently inspired by religious education, music, and worship. We hope our members are involved in teams, groups, committees, and leadership. And we hope members are generously invested in our congregation’s present and future. 


Investing in UUCT means participating in our annual Stewardship Campaign. Stewardship is our yearly process of collecting your pledge to UUCT. A “pledge” is a promise – an approximation of the money you will give to support our mission and vision in the 2024-25 church year. 


We have many financial goals which we are striving for in the 2024-25 church year and beyond. Some of our goals include: 

  • Promote Jamili to the role of Assistant Minister beginning July 1, 2024
  • Give a 3% annual cost of living raise to all staff
  • Pay our Fair Share ($25,152) to the Unitarian Universalist Association
  • Pay our Fair Share ($10/member) to UU Justice Arizona Network 
  • Budget 10% of salary for Professional Development for Minister(s) 
  • Continue funding for collaborative Baja 4 work

To achieve all of these goals in 2024-25, we would need a 25% increase in pledges from 2023-24. We expect that many of these goals will take at least a few years to achieve.


This year’s Stewardship Campaign goal is to get 100% participation from our congregation. Now’s the time! Submit your pledges by March 17th to help us reach our goal of 100% participation. If you are able, we hope that you are able to increase your pledge by 10% to help us keep up with inflation and reach our financial goals. Pledges to UUCT range from $5 per year to $10,000+ per year. We welcome all forms of generosity and hope you will submit your pledge today. You can be ALL IN at UUCT and receive a pledge waiver in years when you need that. Let Rev. Bethany know if you will be needing a pledge waiver in 2024-25. 


You can pledge online at https://bit.ly/2024-25UUCTPledge or by scanning the QR code below this letter. If you wish to submit a paper pledge card, you can get one in the church office or at the usher’s table on Sunday mornings throughout the Stewardship Campaign. Paper pledge cards can go in the pledge box in Goddard, or in the mail slot in the office.


Finally, thank you for the ways that you have already been inspired by and involved in UUCT. Your continuing investment in our congregation has made everything we do possible. We hope you will join us in pledging today and showing that we are ALL IN for UUCT. 



~ Rev. Bethany Russell-Lowe, UUCT Minister

~ Wendy Gordon Weeks, UUCT Board President