Host Your Own “Pop-Up Pledge Party”

Update per Feb 13…

  • Several PopUp Pledges Parties are getting lined up
    • and you will be able to start signing up for a party on Sunday.
  • So far, the offerings included
    • dessert with a word game at Bob Gordon and Steve Kraynak’s,
    • an afternoon tea at the Garcia’s,
    • a card party at the Tolley’s and
    • a brunch and storytelling at Carolyn Saunders.

What idea do you have for a fun event?

  • The number of guests to invite is up to you,
    • as well as the time, place and activity.
  • Join the fun.
  • Sponsor a PopUp Pledge Party.

Pop-Up “Pledge Parties”

The Stewardship Team has started to work on this year’s pledge campaign

  • that will feature Pop-Up Pledge Parties.
  • However, hosts are needed!
  • You are invited to host any kind of party that sounds like a fun way for a few UUs from your area to get together.
  • After a fun activity—swimming, dining, hiking, dancing, board games —you can also discuss why pledging to UUCT is important.
  • Each host determines
    • what type of activity they will provide,
    • how many guests they can accommodate, and
    • when it will be held during Pledge Month, Feb. 18 – Mar. 17.
  • As Pop-Up Parties are scheduled,
    • they will be posted in Goddard and advertised in the weekly e-blast.
    • Guests can sign up by contacting the hosts.

Email Carolyn Saunders at: , you are interested in hosting a Pledge Pop-Up Party.

Help make this a FUN fundraiser!