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Our Faithify Campaign Launches!

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We know what we are, but know not what we may be.”
~ William Shakespeare

Greetings UUCT!

We are excited to announce the beginning of our Faithify Campaign to support the second year of work on our Restorative Congregations Process!

Click here for the YouTube of the service, “Dignifying Our Pasts.”

What UUCT can do if we raise these funds…

  • Break the Silence!
    • As we engage more of our congregation in learning the history and patterns of conflict at UUCT,
      • starting from its founding 75-years-ago,
        • we will begin to know ourselves and our community more deeply and more wisely.
  • Do Conflict Differently!
    • This work helps us build more personal and community capacity
      • to do conflict differently.
  • Make Mistakes!
    • Yes, as we experiment and practice, we will learn.
      • We will fail forward.
        • Together.
  • Face Difficult Things!
    • The challenging endings of our more recent ministries are tender and alive.
      • As we build our capacity,
        • we will explore, learn from, and heal these experiences.
  • Support Each Other!
    • We will receive coaching and group facilitation for congregants
      • who want their groups to take conflict dynamics head-on
        • in restorative and transformative ways.
  • Lead this Faith into The Future!
    • We are part of developing creative, transformative pathways
      • to healing from misconduct
        • in Unitarian Universalist congregations!

We are inviting you to…

  • Invite friends or family — who know how much this congregation means to you to consider a gift.
    • This is the work that makes this congregation stronger and more resilient
      • for the work it has ahead.
  • Invite other UU congregations — or UU-friendly congregations or groups to consider a gift.
    • People in many congregations and organizations — UU and otherwise
      • have experienced unhealed conflict
        • and will deeply resonate with our work.
          • We are creating a new way to heal these pains.
  • Invite those in your life — who care about healing and accountability — to consider a gift.
    • Our work at UUCT creates another set of tools
      • that other congregations and organizations can experiment with
        • when they face conflict, harm, and misconduct.

The countdown begins! We have 40 days to go… will you join us?

~ With care,

  • Wendy Gordon Weeks, President of UUCT Board of Trustees
  • Pastor Jamili Omar, Sabbatical Leave Minister
  • Rev. Dr. Samantha Wilson, Restorative Practices Facilitator

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