May30>FAQ for Holland Construction Impacts

7 FAQs about UUCT’s Sanctuary Renewal Project…

When will construction start on the HVAC?

  • Soon.
  • We will get a construction timeline from the architect and construction company soon.

How long will construction last?

  • Construction itself will take 4-5 months.
  • We’ll need to wait for the HVAC.
    • The HVAC has been ordered and will take 30-32 weeks to arrive.
  • We are optimistic that construction will be finished by late December 2023.

What is the plan for worship and the offices in Holland?

  • Starting May 28th, worship services will be in Goddard Hall.
  • Once construction starts, other programming that would usually be held in Holland will also be in Goddard, or another suitable space on campus.
  • If you have an event scheduled in Holland Sanctuary, be in touch with our Administrator, Mary Wiese, to confirm which space your event will move to.
  • Also, when construction starts, Mary Wiese, the front office volunteers, and the Financial Secretary will work out of the Reid Room until the HVAC for the offices is up and running.
  • Because the Reid Room will be an office while construction is happening, the groups that would usually use Reid will meet in Emerson or Servetus (ask Mary to confirm).

Why move worship to Goddard now?

  • There were a number of factors that led to the decision to start worshipping in Goddard on May 28th.
    • Rev. Bethany’s sabbatical,
    • the availability of
      • Worship Associates and
      • key AV Team members,
    • and a few other factors
  • played into the decision to start worshipping in Goddard soon,
    • even if it is a time before construction starts.

Who is managing this plan for the congregation while Rev. Bethany is away?

  • Ken Asch and Jamili Omar will be the primary contacts for any questions or concerns relating to the plan as it relates to use of space, worship, changes in office, etc.

Who is communicating from Durazo/Vint Architects to UUCT?

  • Our construction company, Durazo Construction, asked that we have one point of contact between their organization and ours.
  • Margot Garcia of the Holland Project Building Team will be the sole communication in between UUCT and Durazo Construction.

How can I help?

  • So glad that you asked!!
  • Everyone can help by being flexible and patient as we navigate this time of transition.
  • We are also looking for help setting up Goddard for worship every Sunday morning,
    • especially in the summer when our numbers are leaner.
    • Jesus Carillo will have primary responsibility for this,
      • but he’d love some extra hands.
    • Show up at 9:45 on Sunday
      • if you can help set up chairs, tables, table cloths, etc.
    • We’ll also need help transitioning to become social hour after worship is over – if you are in person and can lend a hand for that, please do!