May28>Services Now Held in Goddard Hall

All UUCT Services to be held in Goddard Hall…

Starting tomorrow, May 28th,

  • we will be having Sunday morning worship and CUUPS rituals in Goddard Hall (where we usually gather for Social Hour).
  • We will also be livestreaming Sunday morning and some other services, pending cooperation from our AV system.
  • Goddard Hall was our congregation’s original worshipping space on our campus before Holland was constructed in 1972.
  • It will be good for us to breath some hymns and words back into that space this summer.

Read through our FAQ webpage — to learn about

  • what we know about the timeline for construction in Holland,
  • why we moved worship before construction started,
  • other impacts on Holland and staff offices while construction is ongoing, and
  • who to be in contact with for future questions.

[Until at least September] we will be worshipping and gathering after worship in Goddard

  • When the cooler weather comes, we may be able to worship in Holland even before the HVAC unit itself arrives.
  • More on that possibility in the fall when I am back from sabbatical in September.

In the meantime, if you have any questions on the HVAC construction, please direct questions and concerns to Ken Asch, VP of Operations or Jamili Omar, Sabbatical Minister (starting June 1st).

~ Rev. Bethany
p.s. If you talk with a member of the AV Team (particularly Kassandra, Cynthia, and Liz) or Worship Associates, please thank them for their quick work to make this move happen.