May5>Holland Project Status & Options

We all agree we have to replace our current 50 plus year old HVAC system that warms and cools us.

  • It has gone way past its expected life of 25-30 years
    • and therefore parts are hard to come by and expensive.
      • When we can’t find replacement parts anymore on eBay,
        • then we will have to have them custom made
          • and that will get even more expensive.
        • This year alone we had to spend $900 on a new float to regulate water flow
          • so that the water didn’t overflow, running down the side of the building.
        • We also spent $10,000 on a new pump.

We have a firm bid of $318,624.40 from Durazo Construction…

  • to replace the HVAC including…
    • demolition,
    • asbestos removal,
    • a new raised cement pad for the system,
    • a new fence
      • with a berm to stop flooding from the east
    • and the new equipment installed,
      • along with a modernized electrical system.

Within a few days, when the last of the pledges are paid up…

  • we will have in hand $257,724.
  • We have been using the number $58,000 shortfall,
    • but the exact numbers are $60,900.40.
  • Leaders have already pledged $29,000 to the shortfall,
    • that leaves us $31,900 to go.

We are working to get a TEP rebate

  • for replacing an old HVAC with a more energy efficient one.
  • It looks like we will get several thousand dollars from them toward the project.

We need your help;

This is an encore to a very successful Capital Project Campaign 2 years ago.

  • Please dig deep
    • and see if you can’t find another $1000, $500 or even $100.
  • People who have joined us in the last two years,
    • this is your opportunity to be part of the Holland project.
  • Please consider a significant gift.
  • We need just
    • 6 people to give $5,000,
    • or 31 to give us $1,000.
    • However, every little bit helps.

Want to be cool in the summer? Want to be warm in the winter?

Pay forward this comfort and give to the Holland Capital Project Encore!

Let’s get this done!!!

Want to make a gift to the Encore pitch?

  • Contact Margot Garcia
    • and tell her your name and and the amount.