Poll) OWL Training a BIG Success!

Baja 4 is for Our Whole Lives

OWL (Our Whole Lives) Training Was a BIG Success!

Our Whole Lives or OWL is a program about sexuality throughout our lives that was co-created by the UUA and the UCC.

As a Baja4 project, we are planning for classes among the 4 congregations.

  • Six members of the Baj4 took facilitator training for OWL last month.
  • Our fellow students were diverse and
  • we learned a great deal about sexuality in its many dimensions,
    • especially about the relationship between sexuality and spirituality.
  • We are eager to share what we have learned.

All people should be able to enjoy a healthy sexual life,

  • whether it is straight or gay,
  • active or dormant,
  • or anywhere in between.

In today’s tense and changing political environment…

  • it is important that we, as a liberal religion, understand sexual diversity,
  • and provide comprehensive and accurate sex education for all ages.
    • OWL has seven levels covering kindergarten through old age.
      • We are preparing to offer classes for Adults and Older Adults beginning soon.
      • Children’s courses are already being taught at UUCT and will be expanded to other churches.
      • Young Adult level classes will follow.

This is an opportunity to learn about yourself as well as the broader spectrum of sexuality.

If you have an interest, please respond to this poll — to help us with planning for upcoming classes.

Interested? Let us know!

You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right.” – Rosa Parks

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