Request for Bids: Renovate UUCT Sanctuary

The exciting news is that on Friday, February 17, 2023
— the City of Tucson issued our building permit.

  • Bob Vint, our architect, has contacted several contractors
  • on Thursday, February 23 at 10 am
    • Bob will conduct a walk-through of the project with the interested contractors.
  • At that time, Bob will hand out the plans and bid specifications.
  • The bids will be due back in about three weeks (ie, March 16?).
    • Then we will have the grand opening of the bids
    •  to see how our funds match with what the contractors bid.
  • We expect about a week of negotiation with the chosen contractor
    • Bob Vint will guide us along the way
    • as we make adjustments, due to costs and funds.
  • I will send more information — as we get to that point.

At last, we are on our way to building out our dream!
~ Margot Garcia

Video Overview of “Design to Renovate UUCT’s Sanctuary” (starts at 4:50 of video)