Workshop: Misconduct in Congregations (RSVP by Mar26)

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Date(s) - Mar 27, 2023
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


(RSVP by March 26th to Rev. Bethany at or 520-428-4921)

Monday, March 27,  6-7:30pm —  via Zoom (see details at bottom)
Rev. Bethany Russell-Lowe, Rev. Sarah Gibb Millspaugh, Rev. Dr. Samantha Wilson

Workshop: Misconduct in Congregations

  • It is estimated that a majority of Unitarian Universalist congregations have experienced some form of clergy misconduct in their history.
    • UUCT falls into that majority.
    • Misconduct is an abuse of power
      • that can be financial, emotional, relational, and/or sexual in nature.
    • Clergy misconduct can have long-lasting impacts on congregational culture,
      • and it shapes how congregations handle conflict.
  • This workshop will introduce us to the research
    • and consider how UUCT’s culture has been shaped
      • by misconduct and abuses of power in its history.
  • We will also consider new responses
    • to those once necessary survival strategies
      • which no longer serve us.



  • This workshop will not address the specifics of misconduct in UUCT’s history.
  • And it is important for people coming to this workshop to know that…
    • clergy misconduct is in UUCT’s history.
      • One instance of clergy misconduct at UUCT in 1993 is documented on page 69 there.
      • Some other instances of abuses of power — by clergy, religious professionals, and other leaders — are less known and/or not recorded in that linked history.
      • While these instances are not all recorded — they still might have impacted our congregation today.

Zoom Link…
Zoom ID: 5207481551
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A Zoom recording will be made available to the full congregation after the webinar.