Proposal for UUCT Vote: $40K for Holland Project?

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Date(s) - Dec 10, 2023
12:01 pm - 12:15 pm


Dec 10: Vote by UUCT Members/Congregation: (see history)…

Allocate up to $40,000 from the UUCT endowment for finishing the Holland HVAC project?

  • The Holland Sanctuary Capital Campaign to replace our ancient HVAC system and make building renovations was very successful, raising $340,000.
    • We can celebrate this!
    • However, because economic conditions have changed so much,
      • this amount is no longer sufficient.
  • The first step to address this was
    • to scale back the plan to only include the urgently needed HVAC system.
  • Even with this revision, completing the project is still short by approximately $35,000.
    • Your Finance Committee explored several options for finishing the project.
    • Our discussion reached two conclusions —
      • 1) the congregation was very generous in reaching and exceeding our original campaign goal
        • and should not be asked for more* and
      • 2) we have a UUCT endowment,
        • one of whose purposes is to support the congregation in its long term ministry.
        • The UUCT Endowment has increased in value by nearly $41,000 in the last 3 years.
  • Therefore, the Finance Committee and the Board of Trustees are recommending to the congregation
    • that $40,000 be allocated from the endowment to finishing the Holland HVAC project
      • with any excess being returned to the fund.
  • The decision, as required by the Endowment bylaws, rests with the congregation.
  • For this purpose the Board of Trustees will be calling a special congregational meeting Dec. 10th for your consideration.
    • The meeting will include financial reports and discussion.
    • As a encouraging summary from the Finance Committee,
      • UUCT has no current debts and
      • we are within budget for this point in the year.
  • For questions about the endowment proposal
    • Please contact me (Frank Valdes),
    • the Finance Committee,
    • or a Board member
  • For questions about the Holland project.
    • Margot Garcia
    • or Ken Ashe

* Of course, any new or additional donations to the Holland project or to the Endowment would be gratefully accepted.

~ The Finance Committee: Frank Valdes (chair), JD Garcia, Bill Hoffman, Janet Moore

Finance Reports