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Date(s) - Dec 10, 2023
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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Vote on Funding Proposal for HVAC Project Deficit (see history)…

We are including an option for absentee voting via this Google Form — but we hope you will attend in person or via Zoom if at all possible. Absentee votes must be received by 10:00 am on December 10 to be counted.

Special Congregational Meeting: December 10, 2023

Your Board of Trustees is calling a Special Congregational Meeting, which will take place at 12 noon, Arizona time, on Sunday, December 10. The meeting will be live in Goddard and broadcast on Zoom. It will not be live streamed on YouTube. You can vote through Zoom (the Zoom link is at the very bottom of this announcement) or in person.

The meeting is being called to discuss a funding proposal for the Holland HVAC project deficit. For more info — read the text of the message describing the proposal — which the Finance Committee made (at the request of the Board).

Discussion will be limited to 2 minutes per person. The motion requires 2/3 approval to pass. The week before the meeting, on December 3, members of your board will be available in social hour to answer any questions you may have. You can also email the board with questions.

We know this is a busy time of year, but please make every effort to attend the meeting either in person or on Zoom so that we will have a quorum to conduct this important business – we will keep the meeting as short as possible. We are including an option for absentee voting via this Google Form — but we hope you will attend in person or via Zoom if at all possible. Absentee votes must be received by 10:00 am on December 10 to be counted.

Meeting Agenda

  • Welcome, Introduction (Wendy Gordon Weeks, President)
  • Chalice Lighting (Rev. Bethany Russell-Lowe)
  • Meeting rules (Frank Valdes-Parliamentarian)
  • Motion to Fund Holland Project
    • Whereas economic conditions have significantly increased the cost of the Holland Project, and despite scaling back the project to primarily replacing the ancient HVAC system and receiving additional donations, there is a projected deficit of $35,000.
    • Motion:
      • “Does the congregation approve taking no more than $40,000 from UUCT’s Endowment in order to complete the Holland HVAC project, with any excess funds to be returned to the Endowment upon completion of the project?”
  • Closing

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Dec 10: Vote by UUCT Members/Congregation: (see history)…

Allocate up to $40,000 from the UUCT endowment for finishing the Holland HVAC project?

  • The Holland Sanctuary Capital Campaign to replace our ancient HVAC system and make building renovations was very successful, raising $340,000.
    • We can celebrate this!
    • However, because economic conditions have changed so much,
      • this amount is no longer sufficient.
  • The first step to address this was
    • to scale back the plan to only include the urgently needed HVAC system.
  • Even with this revision, completing the project is still short by approximately $35,000.
    • Your Finance Committee explored several options for finishing the project.
    • Our discussion reached two conclusions —
      • 1) the congregation was very generous in reaching and exceeding our original campaign goal
        • and should not be asked for more* and
      • 2) we have a UUCT endowment,
        • one of whose purposes is to support the congregation in its long term ministry.
        • The UUCT Endowment has increased in value by nearly $41,000 in the last 3 years.
  • Therefore, the Finance Committee and the Board of Trustees are recommending to the congregation
    • that $40,000 be allocated from the endowment to finishing the Holland HVAC project
      • with any excess being returned to the fund.
  • The decision, as required by the Endowment bylaws, rests with the congregation.
  • For this purpose the Board of Trustees will be calling a special congregational meeting Dec. 10th for your consideration.
    • The meeting will include financial reports and discussion.
    • As a encouraging summary from the Finance Committee,
      • UUCT has no current debts and
      • we are within budget for this point in the year.
  • For questions about the endowment proposal
    • Please contact me (Frank Valdes),
    • the Finance Committee,
    • or a Board member
  • For questions about the Holland project.
    • Margot Garcia
    • or Ken Ashe

* Of course, any new or additional donations to the Holland project or to the Endowment would be gratefully accepted.

~ The Finance Committee: Frank Valdes (chair), JD Garcia, Bill Hoffman, Janet Moore

Finance Reports