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16-05-22: The Virtue of Sin

May 22, 2016

Rev. Ron Phares, Mountain Vista UU Congregation

How can sin be understood as virtue?  Let's find out.

© Rev. Ron Phares, MVUUC

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16-05-15: Spiritual Beings

May 15, 2016

Rev. Diane Dowgiert, Kathleen Hogue, Cassandra Olivares, Lucius Deviss, Julia Nichols (via Heather Reed)

On this day, we gather as an entire intergenerational community to celebrate the ways in which religious education happens over a lifespan. We'll mark some of the milestones of the journey - the dedication of children into the congregation and the bridging of high school youth into adult life. You will want to be on hand to participate in these meaningful rituals and to reconnect with the deeper purposes of our shared community.ourtn

Special Comments by Courtney Boyden


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16-04-10: I Call That Mind Free

April 10, 2016

Rev. Diane Dowgiert and Randall Springer

At last year's auction, Randy Springer purchased the opportunity to choose all the music for a service, around which Rev. Diane would craft a sermon. Not only did Randy choose the music, he composed an anthem for the Desert Chorale based on William Ellery Channing's sermon I Call That Mind Free. You will want to be on hand for the world premiere of Randy's composition.

Reading: Read by Randall Springer

Anthem: I Call That Mind Free, original composition by Randall Springer with words by W. E. Channing

© Rev. Diane Dowgiert and Randall Springer

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Download mp3 file.

16-04-03: Empowerment- Relating to it All: A Youth led Service

April 3, 2016

UUCT YRUU and Kathleen Hogue


"Freedom begins the moment you realize someone else has been writing your story and it's time you took the pen from his hand and started writing it yourself." - Bill Moyers

Join us for this youth led service as our youth share their own stories of empowerment.

© Unitarian Universalist Church of Tucson

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  181. Genderqueer and Here
  182. Happy Birthday U.S.A.!
  183. Today's Ancient Wisdom
  184. Keepers of Light
  185. If Not Now, When? (A Look at the Election)
  186. The Flying Trapeze and the Fine Art of Freedom
  187. Trusting Life in the Presence of Death
  188. UUism in the French Speaking World
  189. Our Legacy: Honoring the Past, Looking Forward to the Future
  190. Letters From a Phoenix Jail
  191. What’s Your Worldview?
  192. Blindspots, Rearview Mirrors, and Headlights
  193. A Noisy Silence - Poetry Service
  194. 5 Vital Signs of Spiritual Health
  195. Family Resemblances and 'Language-Games'
  196. Chaos and Creativity
  197. Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Just as Well...Or Better?
  198. Reflections after Fifty Years in Ministry
  199. Don't Wait
  200. The Meaning of Welcome
  201. Independence and Interdependence: Thoughts on both Topics
  202. The Value of Vulnerability
  203. This Land Is My Land -- ?
  204. Spill Baby, Spill
  205. Vessels and Voyages
  206. Grace Across the Ages
  207. Happy 200th Birthday, Margaret Fuller
  208. Coming of Age in an Age of Uncertainty
  209. Be the Change: Three Crucial Changes for Times Such as These
  210. Earth in the Balance
  211. Beyond Local Thinking
  212. The Actual U
  213. Easter: A Time to Forgive
  214. Something About Addictions
  215. Taking a Risk for Justice
  216. Universalism: Past, Present and Future
  217. The Things We Do For Love
  218. Standing on the Side of Love
  219. What I Love About Unitarian Universalism
  220. Violence and Anarchy on the Border
  221. Confronting Evil
  222. I Have a Dream
  223. The State of the Church
  224. Looking Back, Looking Forward
  225. Struggles and Progress in Swaziland
  226. Night of Wonder, Night of Silence
  227. Enumerating God: None, One, or Many
  228. Three Miraculous Births
  229. The Gospel According to St. Lute
  230. The Lost Art of Thinking
  231. Stories of Hope: Guest at Your Table
  232. Question Authority
  233. Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC)
  234. A Conscience is a Terrible Thing to Waste
  235. An Agreement With Life
  236. The Community Food Bank
  237. Universalist Heritage
  238. Class Matters
  239. Wise Restraints That Set Us Free
  240. Free Pulpit, Free Pew
  241. To Whom It May Concern: A Sermon on Prayer
  242. One Family
  243. Poetry Sunday
  244. Who Knows What Will Come To You?
  245. Will the Minister Be Speaking in the Service Today?
  246. Life or Litter? The Value of People and Hope
  247. Parts of the Bible You Do Not Know
  248. Chaplain Stories
  249. Eating as a Spiritual Practice
  250. Gifts of Our Fathers
  251. Faith of Our Fathers
  252. To See Beauty, Even When It’s Not Pretty
  253. A Nomination for the Greatest Unitarian Ever
  254. We Remember
  255. Milestone Moments: A Service of Rituals
  256. Many Hands Make Light Work
  257. Ritual
  258. Earth Day
  259. Music of My Heart
  260. Friendship as Spiritual Practice
  261. Light, Life, Freedom, and Love
  262. Civil Initiative
  263. First Things First
  264. Three Keys for Abundant Living That Will Work Even Now
  265. Divine Creation
  266. Jazz and the Art of Making Justice
  267. Here I Am. Send Me.
  268. And a Child Shall Lead
  269. Getting Unstuck (While the Getting's Good)
  270. Willing to Forgive
  271. Weaving the Web of Trust
  272. New Beginnings
  273. Light One Candle
  274. Find a Stillness
  275. Where Justice and Compassion Cross All Borders
  276. Stone Soup for Thanksgiving?
  277. Loss: An Inevitable Journey
  278. Finding Hope in Troubled Times
  279. Out Many, One
  280. Growing in Spirit
  281. Seasons of Life, Seasons of Loss
  282. And the word is no
  283. Welcoming the Stranger
  284. Ministry in the New Millennium
  285. Diversity and the Interdependent Web of Existence
  286. Engaging Our Theological Diversity
  287. What Americans Believe
  288. Reflections from Nicaragua
  289. Deep Like the Rivers
  290. Seeking the Purpose of Life
  291. Bless this Home
  292. Language of Reverence
  293. Sharing The WUUrd: Poetry Service
  294. A New Look at the Universe
  295. Tell me your image of God and I will tell you your theology
  296. We hold these truths ...
  297. Integrity or Success?
  298. By Their Roots You Shall Know Them
  299. Peace Means the Beginning of a New World
  300. Desert Spirituality
  301. UUs Who Made a Difference
  302. Singing Our Peace: A Musical Contemplation
  303. Faith Without Certainty
  304. Our Unitarian Universalists Brothers in Africa
  305. Univeralists and Unitarians on Easter
  306. Always a Mother
  307. Just War or just War

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